Id_site for ACME BANK in sandbox

Dear Team,

I am currently testing all responses provided by paybook APIs. I need to get Site ID specifically for “ACME BANK”. Can you please provide me?

Hi @demoprod!

“ACME BANK” is an organization in sandbox’s test sites whose ID is 56cf4ff5784806152c8b4567
Inside this organization you can find Normal site with ID 56cf5728784806f72b8b4568 used to emulate normal credentials and Token site with ID 56cf5728784806f72b8b4569 used to emulate Two factor(TWOFA) token challenge.

You can get the sites grouped by organizations consulting<your_token>&is_test=true

Could you provide me an email to bring you more personalized assistance?

Hi, Thank you for your response.
I have posted some more questions on other topics. Could you please share information on those? It would be helpful.
My email id is: [email protected]

Hi again @demoprod

Thank you very much for your response.
I have responded to the other questions, I hope it would be helpful.


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Thank you very much @aldoea.
I really appreciate your time & responses. Going forward, should I seek any information, I would ask.

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