Important of column names

In the JSON with “id_credential” response, what are the importances of below fields?

and also:

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Here is the explanation of each of those columns (fields):

  • id_environment: This tells you whether the credential is Sandbox or Production (depends on which API key you used to create it)
  • dt_execute: The last time this credential was synchronized (pull data from the third-party site)
  • id_job, id_job_uuid: are more like internal values that help us track which are the background jobs (processes) run for your credential
  • is_executing: in the webhook event, this flag is set to 1, when you receive the webhook but the process (job) that triggers that webhook is still running. For example, in the credential_update webhook sent after just triggering a synchronization we send is_executing=1. Then, when the synchronization finishes, you will get a new credential_update event but this time with is_executing=0 (these events tells you the start and ending of a synchronization job).
  • can_sync, ready_in, dt_execute are somehow related. A brief context, you can trigger the synchronization process more than once during the day (even though it is automatically executed by us every day as well). However you cannot trigger this process many times, we put limitations on this (called pulls), basically, you can trigger the synchronization up to certain times a day (depending on your plan). Having said this…
    • can_sync: it is a flag that tells you whether you can or you cannot trigger the synchronization process at this very moment.
    • ready_in: in case can_sync=0, this will tell you when you be able to do so (in how many milliseconds)
    • dt_ready: in case can_sync=0, this will tell you the exact date after which can_sync=1 and thus you will be able to trigger the synchronization.