Queries for Paybook integration

Q)When paybook will refresh all data daily to get updated pulled data through webhooks?

Q)Should the dummy username at the first step of connection creation be anything specific?

Q)How error handling are tackled in different request paths, like how different flows work if I receive 404 or 401 code at backend against my request through the paybook widget?

Q)id_credentials is arepart of accthe ount response. What is the importance of credentials? I mean, instead of id_credentials,won’tt it be possible ? Would accounid/credentialal id maps to the same details?

Q)Account and transaction information can be retrieved from third party sites and are updated up to three times a day. SO at what time, paybook updates all connections daily?

Q)If I want to get updated data for one customer, do I need to send 10 individual data pulling request wrequestsh id or it would be a bulk request of all IDs?

Q)Difference between pending and disabled Txn?

Hi! I’ve already answered each of the questions in a new topic. Is there anything else I can help you with? :smile: